LVs RIDE: A Coast to Coast Movement

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An adventurous way to raise awareness of Lasallian Volunteers’ mission became an epic event with international recognition. A simple cross country bike ride—that’s really all it was at the start. Yet thousands were so moved by the spirit of the young riders—who worked together and by association with one another, Brothers, hosts, schools, food banks, homeless shelters, countless strangers and beyond—to help spread the ever-growing message of La Salle’s mission in today’s world.

What could have been a private and little-known event became immediately accessible through a website. It offered onlookers the
opportunity to share in the daily experiences of the cyclists, who traveled 75 to 127 miles on a daily basis. Outside viewers were able to see trials, tribulations and triumphs, as well as bear witness to the service riders provided during their rest days.

Little ways lead to big ways of one day breaking the cycle of poverty in America. Successfully raising more than $100,000 to support the work of Lasallian Volunteers, the ride came to a close on August 13, 2011 in Long Branch, NJ. After two months of cycling and serving, LVs Ride lives on by inspiring others to service.

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